pages 81 and 82

...attacks dont fit the MO of the current spate

DAY 1 satyed awake push it to the limit examined the first few sqaue at chinese food later then went to bed.
DAY 2 can't remember walked about and looked at stuff fishermans wharf dunno. night went to kibuki 8 and saw fear and loathing
DAY 3 Couln't say maybe haight and golden gate part too early went to pub at 8am and watched scotland lots of beer walked down polk to fishermans wharf
saturday spent the day chipping about saw north beach festival bargains Meat Beat @ Bimbos, cool danced starnge place walked then taxi back met a guy and girl, her daneille a playwright and waitress y'know the score he was a bit weird.
Sunday went back to Haight watchd foot much better then ambled up and down daight no DBN @ F8 but heys its an old label. Went to shopped kate o briens for dance night not on get pissed 4 pints & w, went to Edinburgh played pool with locals 1 mod boy 1 girl great triceps shame abou boyfriend, then went to Owl...

pages 79 and 80

the gangs steal & fence via pawnbrokers they blow up ones that give then bad prices or dont fence

the pawnbrokers afraid of gangs and polic

the police follow a spate of destroyed pawnbrokers, trying to catch the gang, they will have to get a pawnbroker to help & a new store is too obvious

there is no conclusion

Our gang steal, mainly for themselves, computer, etc, other stuff they leave, the rob pawnbrokers for money not out of a grievance so thier...

...Tree met guy and girl he odd she lez went back to theirs, got off with girl, argued with guy cant remember getting back.
Monday hangover wandered about aimless like, got pissed @ Edinburgh watching footy then went to owl tree met bird from previous night went back to mine shagged her she left ok for a lesbian.
Tuesday hangover last day read books wandered early sleep Wednesday went to Golden Gate and marina looked at the sea it was wet went up to union and lombard, then bus over to North Beach...

pages 77 and 78

store front a pawnbrokers in near future london.
explosion the store front blows up five people run from empty store front we can only see below their knees
smoke comes from ruined store in bg a hover vehicles speeds away

2 cops walk out of ruined store its now daytime we can only see them from their knees down

push up 2 cops talking to each other behind them is ruined store pawnbroker symbol still visible

...watched footy with italians almost as raucous as the scots no bag pipes though. Chipped about packed most things went and saw the opposite of sex good but crap ending had a fag in my room maybe a prob hope not
Tuesday chipping about looking at stuff Comic Museum Robert Crumb and brothers quite insane.
SMOMA last week good keith Harring stuff great to see sketchbooks and early work see where he's coming from.
North Beach and china town are favourite haight seemed...

pages 75 and 76

...being reduced to a shell just crazing the warm arms of death. "just hold me a little longer" its no use each time its less and less and the constant chase is tiring it leads to more cuts and bruises. It is all futile and the sun rises and sets and the machinary keeps running lubricated by the blood, draining wounds cut on the sharpness, brittles, sharp, cold. Feel it coming in from the edges. If it was only warm blackness but its cold white and its never what you wanted.

...much better after reappraisal worth seeing twice like polk and soma stuff ok no soul no one lives there.
Time in bookshops and cybercafes eating too many BLTs. Ocean beach in the pouring rain.
Ansell Adams gallery tuesday shut monday good pictures Dennis Hopper is trully talented. Awaiting to go home killing time at least its sunny need a book for the plane. Didn't do Castro or mission SOMA further than fitth but buy something for later.
Looks like my paranoia was all wrong I'm free ...

pages 73 and 74

Fill the spoon, dropper the water, strike the match watch the boil slowly drop minute amounts into the dosslved H then in with the cotton, fill the syringe, insert, watch the orchid bloom then push a million screaming cells relieved from the pain of living, let yourself drift in the warm arms of death, watch the world fall away like ice in the sunlight, let the world melt. Then as it began so it must end the thaw begins to end back comes the ice freezing everything so its all sharp and brittle. So sharp you cut yourself on its edges and bleed away day by day ; slowly... as far as New York aint been busted spent Thursday trawling bookstores and buying bargains got some socks must be mad and a good reading material for the long dark hours ahead. Spent the rest of the night at Bobby's Owl tree, not the show shine girl big on cock tease but a lovely lady get to the stage "lets get some coke and fuck like animals" then she went home to her hotel to change last I saw of her but she's got my number, sept she doesn't throw it, got more pissed...

pages 71 and 72 criminals. Start with an explosion, escape scene, later back at the flat discussions of the nights work, stock take, future plans. Use as intro. Day characters working on personal equipement, time place future london.
Long term plots, avoiding capture, gang rivalry, character development, love interests, short term different jobs, working with eqipment, planning. Police story following a chain of robberies not all by the gang.

...then met more english boy newcaslte lad in SF with US mates went to Britpop night down in SOMA, went to bar first played pool, chatted Britpop clubs, shit old music left when they palyed love will tear us apart long walk back up shird to bobby for final drink. fag outside the hotel chatted to an old crack addict into her brown aswell used to be a florist Went to bed friday heard the alarm but ignored it woke up at 9am with an hour late rushed into...

pages 69 and 70

... in the city things occur crackdown on raids, detective working on catching the gang.
There are a number of small groups similar to ours, there are only a number of low rish places to rob so gang rivalry is a possibitly. The exo skeletons do give our gang an advantage so their can rob higher risk properties also it increases their wanted status by police.
The five gang members 3 blokes 2 girls a flat on the outside of town, quite a lot of hardware. The gangs names and age they are living in the future london. 3 guys, 2 gilrs all 20 ish sharing a flat in future london all...

my clothes taxi straight there not too bad made it Now in new york saw the city looks good wouldnt mind taxi thing but no time 4 hours to kill. Thoughts for a day Paranoia was not justified I dunno I didn't run away face the monster cos the fear is in your head. LIQUORS OF THE WORLD UNITE overcoming fear alcohol is the thing I need to do i otherwise I stay in my head talking to myelf booze takes me out of this, gregarious i can still feel her tits bitch cockteaser but at least...

pages 67 and 68

... break a small bookies office on the back of ton. Its an easy brake. inside the find a large backroom that leads to an empty worksop it contains a whole load of exo skeletons suits, illegal to the public, this is big and undderworld but the suits would help them. So like all good honest criminlas they take the suits nice looking techno gear. No alarms very strange.
The suits belonged to the bookies who just had an interest in robots so their paranoia of an underworld connection is unfounded. It keeps them on their toes. They go on to use the exo skeletons to rob, action in robot suits...

I got layed here how have to work the London angle I didn't notice. the tongue peircing with a blowjob but if the pot was strong which it is then I didn't feel it I was just riding the rush of the pipes, dissolves after you come wanted more in the morning no rubbers no excuse but if I had then I dont reckon i'd of pulled I never expeted to so it happened. I had no preconceptions.
and old memories were ot there my head couldn't resusatate the past but so a groundless NO

pages 65 and 66

...signs of age were beginning to show, non of the appliances were new but non were broken.
The walls were sparsley decorated usually with excerts from their favourite magazines. The main room was a collection of small machines, 2 motorbikes, computers andconsoles.
Out of the window we look down onto a city shrouded in smog parts of skyscrapes peeirced the smog.
"Its good to be out of that" looking out of the window
They started robbing stuff to get by now they just do one good job a month. Looking for good but not to well protected pickings. They start off one night...

FOUNDATIONS " man this is good, Memory its a funny old thing cant remember what I did when but I know I did stuff armadillos frogs turtles fresh fish a big sea crusteation twice past frat store back streets of this town columbus at chesnut the crossroad with BIMBOS 365 the best view I saw, the motels along Lombard the whole US typography retro images then see you never stop working deign is everywhere

pages 63 and 64

...of figureslit by the blast it description of a hovercraft that could been any one of the millions in the city. The shop owners had no idea, it was widely known he specialiesd in rare stones.
A gang of five that what they were 2 girls 3 guys. They live togther, stole together they were a gang. They had been educated, they understood how it worked but they decided not to be part of it. They would be outlaws. They had a passions only the young can have and the utter ruthless determination in their actions.
"These stones were good"
"pay rent on this place for a while"
It was an old building ...

pages 61 and 62

... most of all she cursed her father.
baby on a cold winters day coughs its first cough, opens its eyes, looks around, fuck this, it thinks and promptly dies. Distraught mother and father, husband hugs wife in weak effort to console her, they dont understand, the baby didn't want to live.
It started with an explosion, a small group of young people were seen leaving the area, in a small hovercraft. They had liberated a small jewelrys of a small fortune in rare precious stones the police had few clues some video footage...

pages 59 and 60

...hours of monotomy and the bitch painted like a whore on a rainy day stopped behind shuffling her feet all those years wasted, so young so beautful she might of spent all her life like a machine that what they were, those niggers just a machine, a human tool in the factory. She, she alyed back and whispered " fuck me" repeating it louder and louder, while some old fat bastard floundered like a beached whale on top of her. Where was the justice. She deserved so much more why had she thrown it away, she cursed herself her life but...

pages 57 and 58

... he blew his horn once more, the vicsous guard dogs were released, they chewed into the starving millions, like a greedy man eating.
"Never feed the dogs" little boy blue mused to himself.
The cows ate the corn and the starving starved.
"Fuck them all" said little boy blue.
Two old factory niggers and one white bitch, painted like a whore on a rainy day, went a walking down a street, looking for an intersection, what did they want. The factory niggers just walked covered in dust of countless...

pages 55 and 56

...with stray fag ends and bottle tops and the ash of smoked cigarettes the ash.
The little boy blue blew his horn and cows in the meadow munched on cron, outside the 20ft razor wire fence the starving mulitudes pushed forward, lacerating themselves on wore in the desire to enter the world of little boy blue.
His land was the last vestige of whatever had been green and pleasant, the perfect country idyll. Now he was its prisoner but for reason everyone wanted to visit.
Fuck them said little boy blue...

pages 53 and 54

...he was letting me into some amazing secret.
The old codger never mind him.
Beyond that the plan was still to be executed just like him, he deserved it for all those years of pain, of putting up with his drunkeness day in day out. But i have bigger fish to fry, but for some reason everything seemed to come down to him as if my hatred for him was some sort of focus in my life.
It wasn't even 11 and he was on his 3rd bottle of moonshine, and still old glory sang on. I started sweeping up, the floor was pocketed...

pages 51 and 52

...fond of the old codger but to be truthful he was just a drunk and a layabout, the sooner his liver gave up on him and he was out of my life the better; but for the moment he was on of the crosses I had to bare. He took another hit of moonshine at this rate he would be unconcious by midday; so much the better i thought.
I had a lot of work to do, plans to make, peple to call and things to collect.
"Yes siree Glory days be praised, for we will rise up like the Pheonix and take this land that is ours" he gave me a knowing wink as if...

pages 49 and 50

pages 47 and 48

...signal made sense or until it was decided that the combined thoughts of the human race didn't amount to a whole hill of beans.
On earth they tracked they wondered they worried
What are the rules of intersection Do you constantly take the same path waiting other to inttersect you or do you actively seek intersection constantly changing your route in the hope of finding new points of intersection.
"the Glory days are here again" old red screamed, taking another hit of moonshine, "mighty powerful that" he smacked his lips in mock delight. I was rather...

pages 45 and 46

... in mind for planet earth. They orbited each time scanning the surface picking up thoughts.
They were scanning the human brain not one brain but the whole human race. The mass mind did exist somehow everyone's thoughts merged into one signal.
The boys compiters picked up the signal it was not logical signal jumped from thought to though an insane random pattern of language and subject no one overall theme. Thats what appeared to the casual but the boys were not casual observers they had time and plenty of it.
They were in it for the long haul they would be here until the...

pages 43 and 44

... of course they were safe in outerspace. A plan had hatched yeasr ago had come to fruition, they had made it "Stage one complete". "Signal London tell him we are ready to start stage 2" "ok".
They started hurrying around doing tasks with liquid fluidity. These boys for they were all under 15 worked as one well run machine, each knowing what to do, who needed help, their were no questions.
How had the boys got here what was their story boys in outer soace what did their future hold, what did they have...

pages 41 and 42

...why they were here. Back on the ground. "Somethings up there","Someone's got something up there" it was the radar operator at Houston. Somehow someone had slipped a spaceship into orbit and no one knew how.
"Any ideas where it was launched from" "Just backtracking from current trajectory" a pregnant pause "It came from London"
The boys were floating in orbit "We've been spotted" "never mind can't reach us out here, wouldnt risk it we might not burn up we might crash into on of their cities" They all felt calm, he was right...

pages 39 and 40

... your face, what a crazy old doctor.
How to reuse the intersection what switches were thrown to produce that outcome, how can I see her again and satisfy the insect inside. Twitch like a cockroach. The ECG, how is it said, so sexy le "electron encephalograph" in the husky french way. We all reap what we sow. Its good to see Tristan, good down home country boy.
The boys had reached the first steps of outerspace they began to feel the effects of weightlessness though they were floating there feet were firmly on the ground they had one goal a mission objective and that was...

pages 37 and 38

...flesh just fell from his face.
Motion kept him young, free happy even, well so he could hide it in the blur. Stop borught on age and decreption. The words repeat and change a thesaurus of phrases.
let more prints of intersection a weekend ripe with memories of past deeds frozen flesh caught in time, I think I'm developing pnuemonia, heat rays of chest, a warmth inisde that comes from sickness. The time is ticking, the sickness resides, never at bay never in control, I will steal..

pages 35 and 36 lifefroms the 'dog is skinny as a rat.
There is a spread of information as a stream flows so does information, god all these media people, their lives must be so important, what blues eyes, what lines can be drawn, where is the point of intersection
So where do we go from here a crowded room a tall flat , a short fat, silver like mirrors with lines of amphetamines andy loved mirrors silver is the color astronauts wear, silver is the color turkeys wear when they go into the oven cook burn grill.
he was so tired that when he stopped the...

pages 33 and 34

...he wipes the fly of his pants, she wipes her mouth the new money in her purse sure tasted salty but wouldn't you.
Cold blasted rotten fucked up feet are generating theri own new form of heat and an intersection has been crossed there are goods on display, but what angle does one proceed. obviously window shopping is allowed but how can one look, shall we say, not so obviously, dont get caught looking up skirts. s it an offence, fucking is it they dont like that. Welcome to the world of low...

pages 31 and 32

... the plain old carousel, jets of water spray away the evidence. The music starts and once again the children begin to board it. Did this hideous machine have a name, no. It was no special attraction, it was nothing unique it was just a meat grinder.
The rain is neither baptismal or cleansing its just plain wet.
Coming down from the sky on a dark night soaking clothes, hair and all. Depressing cold and damp enough to catch a cold, catch a death.
Dark alley women exits wiping her mouth man exits briskly leaving in other direction...

pages 29 and 30

...goes with it, Don't be a Willy Loman, look what happened to him.
Childrens fairground there is no threat, the carousel go round and round children screaming with deligh riding bizare colored creatures. Slowly the mangeling machinery is exposed this isn't a carousel this is a meat grinder this is the end little children, excess limbs fly onto the prass the bottom of the carousel points down like a funnel and flesh falls down, hitting the clean butchers aluminium. Small birds picks at the excess that has flown free. The ride finishes and reverts back to...

pages 27 and 28

...and recharge. I am on full go burnout. Its time to put the feet up and chill out sleep more rest more, glide the car into cruise control and put my feet on the dash. Then wot, refrshed we return to the same old shit, day in day out. If there is a respite I dont seem to have noticed it.
Avoid the zombies and the grizzly bears, and the man eating tigers stay on track and you should be ok, anything that looks hostile shoot it and find out what it was.
"Don't be a salesman" what good advice avoid people thinking you're a complete cunt avoid a crap job and the hassle that...

pages 25 and 26 it operates, you will never understand it, of course, but you can watch it. It mesmerizing like the ember of a fire at night how long has it been since I've watched the red glows of wood in a fire drifting of into a myriad of imaginable patterns and forms the past drifts away and becomes its own distant country. No bizarre dreams must be the zombies.
i want to ship out of where I am drift under the sheets into a long warm uncoinciousness and stay there an awful long time. Drifting though the warm darkness something akin to sleep. I need to be revitalised.

page 23 and 24

no new information just same old junk regurgitaed from Sunday to Monday for consumption dont people realise its all a con these stupid fools they'll regret it wasting their penny's on rehashed print.
Oh well only a few more days then its time to get fucked up again. the glory of modern life the shine exceeds the content or something like that. You may say I am bitter and twisted bubba I'm just painting it as I see it, we are all caught in this trap except some of us know we are trapped, some fight it I am a naturalist I just want to study its habits see..

pages 21 and 22 computers no internet no porn oh well just an un-electric night red dwarf I can hardly contain my joy.
There are no things of interest tonight no commoditioes to be exchanges "i'd love a chip" whack punch in the face who do you think you are wouldn't you rather lick something other than your fingers oh what prose John Dionne would kneeled before me and hail me as a master hush far too much fantasy

pages 19 and 20

..even the ones with satelitte.
So whats for dinner tonite no idea I ain't cokking some kind of takeaway but I'm not sure fish is a Friday dish, but I dont feel like eating I've drunk far too much today Moet for lunch and Tennants for three o clock break, just a subtle contrast oh well its all alcohol but the Moet just goes to my head must be the bubbles I dont know sometimes these things are just too much life goes on tonite will be quite though just a short pause in front of the TV no whores...

pages 17 and 18

...they'll get their just you wait one day when they're not looking it'll hit them and they'll be sorry. But so stupid should have written down the Ip address dumb dumbd dumb a whole ftp site looked huge movie and everything damn damn damn
Oh well maybe another day I'll get another one and find it again some hope but some thing has to go right for me otherwise it is all too black. At least Dean's got the X-files simpsons well Alfy has so we can ahead of any of those fuckers...

Pages 15 and 16

...cups of tea and old maid on her bicycle. The city becomes the heart, a diseased heart riddled with death and decay but still the heart. A centre pushing out new ideas, new technologies consuming all it can, creating all it can. shift the idealised heart of England "Green and pleasant land" to real heart of England London. A 24 hour city trying to be as fast as possible but glorious in its failure and decay. The veins and arteries on London that I travel every morning are clogged like a fat old man who has spent his life eating animal fat, dripping and bread. Clogged yet hardened these will stay until they collapse. This is the excitement of the city a sense of immeninent doom, constant fear and paranoia, which can be harnessed and used. For good, it becomes a driving force. No one wants to fail.
Cant believe it I had access to a full on prn ftp site and i exited the program dumb fuck just didnt get the stuff at all fucking typical thats my luck that is no luck at all fucking cunts they get...

Pages 13 and 14

..ring you but.."
get a life wot have you to lose. Wot is it you are scared cant get it up getting to old & bald so you flirt with contact but never go all the way.
Now he's being honest good god wot are these people like give me good honest sick people, I want some disturbed muthafucka who knows who and what they are and ain't afraid to say it.
"Reason to live in London" I love it attack the folksey roots image of English culture cricket in the green, disco in the the village hall, the vicar and....

Pages 11 and 12

... in a newsagent window wot are these people like. Where is the fun not in this shithole of a pub no export lager on tap. Its full of suits all working in the same business park just outside town or perhaps from the offices above the shops over the road. The old codger talking his way out of a relationship with some old scrubber take her upstairs and shaft her senseless you old git or are you married too guilty to make the first move people like you make me sick "I was going to ....

Pages 9 and 10 one you are not scared two any threat of violence will lead to their demise and three you are carrying a bigger gun, its loaded and you are not afriad to use it.
With the drunkard due to their unpredictability it is best to avoid them until they pass out then if they have anything you want rob them. If avoidance is impossible.....
This little shithole of a town there's less shops here than outside my flat. And you can tell we ain't in the big smoke not one whore....

Pages 7 and 8

and then filled at the next point of intersection.
Each carrying a commodity useful to the observer. After consideration quite possibly carefull consideration the observer may wish to acquire a visible asset or commodity this is ill advised as it may probably lead to the discomfort of the observer and in some cases possible acts of violence against the observer.
A particular danger in such a situation are agressive racial minorities or drunkard, though the latter is far more unpredictable.With aggressive racial minorities the stance should be taken to...

Pages 5 and 6

Wot we need is a descent whore, a piece of ass and a steak dinner for one silver dollar. Bangkok four punds for a whole day or so they say but we didn't check the luggage in and in the end we missed the flight. Blown it out never took the chance is it another opportunity missed. A large collection of ever changing bodies all interchanging at any point of an intersection yet faces are familiar due to common intersection the people you know but never know. Just rows that again will be empty

Pages 3 and 4

Wot we need is a descent whore, a piece of ass and a steak dinner for one silver dollar. Bangkok four punds for a whole day or so they say but
each crowded hungry eye called each missing smile over a breif period of time and space a small voice cried out to be listened to I ignored it these things get you down. Block it out continue with wot is going on. There is plenty of candy for the eye but it is all window shopping all display but nothing for sale

Pages 1 and 2

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These are my stories may they fall on deaf ears and be percolated in the coffee bars on nowhere